By collaboratively working with businesses, we are able to capitalize on technological advancements to help women owned businesses and start-ups streamline their operations and make the most profit at the lowest cost. We bring advancement to women through training, teaching and community.

Growth Acceleration

Brand Lab Houston gives talented women entrepreneurs access to a network of partners, brands and resources to foster rapid breakthroughs in their business and accelerate growth. We offer programmed talks, mentor sessions, events and educational resources designed to help entrepreneurs grow and manage their companies and bring their products/services to market.

At Brand Lab, your small business or start-up can take advantage of advanced techniques led by industry professionals to become more efficient and productive.


The Many Faces of Womenpreneurs

Brand Lab Houston was envisioned through the eye of a female entrepreneur. That perspective shapes the programs we develop and the resources we apply to fostering the next great business and entrepreneur innovation by women. At Brand Lab, we work to provide:

COLLABORATIVE SPACE AND MEETING ROOMS: offering our space and conference rooms to women owned businesses and start-ups in need of a place to collaborate, work, or finish that pesky project. 

A HUB FOR BUSINESS GROWTH: Whether you’re a start-up, solo-preneur or small business, we provide affordable resources, training, consulting and one-on-one practical marketing and business development advice. We foster an environment where women can collaborate, empower and move their business to the next level.

TRAINING PROGRAMS AND WORKSHOPS: We offer an array of innovative and effective programs designed to help you start and grow your business. From workshops and specialized educational and training programs to peer networking and learning. 

BUSINESS SYNERGY: Join like-minded women, peers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and local business owners in a collaborative and innovative environment where there is access to information, business resources, and others at the same stage of their entrepreneurial journey. 

Join innovative entrepreneurs

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. At Brand Lab Houston, we give startups access to the resources they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive atmosphere. Join our exclusive membership to today so you can access all our resources, events, trainings, and much more.

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Leverage our community of entrepreneurs across industries, share your experience and create long-term professional relationships.


Access shared and private meeting space for your business. Our concierge service provides the right resources for your business.

When it comes to entrepreneurship and the city of Houston, we're at the tip of something great! Houston is primed to be a thriving hub for entrepreneurs and start-ups, so by providing a space where innovation, growth and building can be fostered, we're only doing our part.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tools that we can use is our community. In any city, especially Houston there will always be a community to connect with, and as an entrepreneur, you need this. There is a community of small business owners, already established, and full of knowledge, right here in our city. There are budding start-ups and entrepreneurs that are pivotal to the continued evolution of this great city. We hope Brand Lab Houston can be a connector for our community; helping to engage, support, guide and educate future and existing entrepreneurs. As a mentor for many start-up labs, it’s an honor to launch Brand Lab Houston and all that it will make available. 

Karee Laing, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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